Please note that thickness of the mats may vary slightly.

This is due to the manufacturing process and as such there are tolerances of +/-10%


Each batch of mats may have slight colour variation

EVA Foam is a petroleum by-product and can have a slight sheen on them, which is consistent with foam products.

Please note that the release agent used during the manufacturing process can sometimes leave marks on the mats.  This can cleaned off with warm soapy water.


Regularly wipe clean with a damp cloth/mop using a PH neutral disinfectant and make sure they are thoroughly dried.

Do not store in direct sunlight or damp/wet areas.

Do not place heavy or sharp items on the mats

Whilst EVA offers water resistant characteristics, do not leave or store mats in a wet area.  If they are exposed to water, they must be dried immediately to help prevent mould or shrinkage, swelling of the mats.

Very humid climates can cause shrinkage/swelling and sometimes slipperiness of the mats