Grid Lock Wet Area Interlocking PVC Tiles $3.50each


Great value, prevents the development and growth of bacteria ,resists body oils and chemical. Unique design allows water to easily drain, providing a slip resistant, safe and dry surface which can be assembled in an area of any width, length or shape. The PVC tiles have a built in connecting system that allows them to be easily interlocked, but strong enough not to come apart under normal conditions.
$31.50 for 9 tiles 90cm X 90cm or 0.81M2

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  • Material UV-resistant 100% recyclable soft vinyl
  • Tile Size 30x30cm
  • Thickness 12mm
  • Weight 650g per tile
  • Temperature Resistance -10°C to 70°C
  • Colours Blue, Red


  • Water, soap, mild detergents
  • Hosed down


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Grey, Blue, Red